Educational Franchise Management

Educational Franchise Management


“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivate them. The  Teacher is the most important” Bill Gates

At tugain we are providing mobile enabled technology in education for easy Communication, Cooperation and Collaboration. 

We belive It will help to increase the overall performance of the student and faculties.

We are trying to create better education environment for Social Teaching, Learning & Sharing  with the help of technology. 

Its a one stop platform for all educational need.

Its a Marketplace for Instructor / Tutor / Tution Classes / Book publishers and school to promote and advertise their courses and certification

Benefits for Tutors

1. Advertise & Market globally

2. Generate Lead for their own institution

3. Sale Course, Certification & Test Examination

4. Get Reviews, Comments & Testimonials

5. Manage Courses content in video & pdf

6. Manage all Students, Contacts and Batches

7. Sharing Content, Assignment & Examination

8. Manage Fees and attendence.

9. Save Time, money and resource.

10. Instatnt Realtime Chat for easy communication.

Benefits for Students

1. Access courses Anytime, Anywhere

2. Check  assignement and submit

3. Join examiniation on their comfort

4. Post comment and get reply on content, Assignment or  examination

5. Create & share Notes within friends

6. Instant chating with notification

7. Contact management

8. Buy books or note book on discounted price

9. Weekly or monthly Quiz