Sales Automation

We, at Infoz Software Solution, are engaged in providing best services in software, IT as well as Non-IT sectors. Our company has the reputation of making continuous efforts to provide need-based excellent products that are making the day-to-day working of our clients better, easier and profitable. Now, we have come with an amazing Sales Automation Software which will help to improve the work efficiency of sales professionals by minimizing tiresome, exhaustive and monotonous work. 

What is Sales Automation Software?

It is a software developed to organize sales-related activities like generation and distribution of information, efficient management of projects,  creating and assigning tasks, marketing, creating and maintaining customer relations and employee-related tasks such as reporting of sales representatives, GPS tracking, generating attendance report, etc.  In short, it is a multitasking software that helps clients to perform otherwise tedious, monotonous and time-consuming day-to-day tasks relatively in a short time and without the possibility of creating human errors.

Why is it used?

The software has many client-friendly features which will help the regular activities of clients to be performed in a better and easier way. This software can be used to manage all sales and marketing related activities such as project management, task management, team management, employee management. Also, it is mobile friendly. 

What are its features?

It provides following features-

  • Mobile CRM:  The software is mobile friendly and can be used with smartphones and tablets. 
  • Project Manager: This software is immensely helpful in easy project management, its progress and results, and outcomes.
  • Task Manager: This software is also helpful in task management. You can effectively manage ongoing tasks and create new tasks. It also shows the current status of a particular task.
  • Team Management: It helps manage to report of employees. It provides a tool to monitor the day to day activities of employees through GPS.  
  • Product Catalogue: The software is also useful in enlisting all products and prices. 
  • GPS Tracking: GPS tracking in this software helps to know the day-to-day work of your salesperson through tracking their locations, distance traveled, etc. which effectively enables to have a best reporting system.
  • GST Ready: One of the important advantages of this product is that it is GST ready. It enables easy GST calculations that comply with any modifications in rates or rules about GST. 
  • Instant Notification: This feature helps to get notified of every new order or lead instantly. This will be helpful to remain updated about the current progress of the project.
  • Internationalization. The software comes with easy means of converting different currencies as well as the calculation of taxes depending upon the country.
  • Chat Messenger: It consists of a chat messenger that enables instant and easy coordination between all the employees.
  • Attendance: Helps to access attendance of sales representatives and also to keep an eye on day-to-day expenses.
  • Expense Manager: Helps to establish transparency in managing daily expenses of salespersons.
  • Task Status: It also helps to depute a task to a sales representative and have feedback from him about the ongoing status of the project.
  • Meeting Status: This feature will help the client to know what is the exact status of a particular meeting to be attended by the executive.
  • Task and Meeting reminders: This will provide you a tool to remind the client about any particular event about the task as well as meetings scheduled.
  • Go Green: The software is especially helpful to reduce the use of papers for record-keeping, sales, and marketing as it provides a digital platform to perform all activities.
  • Inventories: It gives you instant information about the availability of stocks.
  • POS (Point of Sales): You can use this platform for giving orders and invoices.
  • Payments: It will also help clients in their regular transactions.
  • Sales Target and Sales Analytics: This feature helps to manage data regarding targets and achievements concerning sales.
  • Administration: It handles the client’s administrative section effectively.
  •  Call Manager and call recording: These features will help clients to keep an eye on calls made by the salesperson and record these calls for evaluating the quality 

How does it work?

Sales Automation Sofware is one of the important tools of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It enables the sales team to have a database of all sales-related activities through web-based software or a smartphone app.  Simply explaining, it provides a single digital platform to perform different sales-related activities such as scheduling meetings with customers, taking follow up, have database of customers, managing product catalog and inventories manage target and achievement analysis,  record the important calls, track the salesperson, acquiring new leads and gaining more profits, can have updates about the current progress of the project, etc.

In short, it is a single multitasking software to get rid of all your routine but exhaustive works!

Who can use it?

Sales Automation is beneficial for every company which is keen on reducing the time spent in tedious and monotonous jobs and to improve sales.

This tool is helpful to leaders, managers, sales executives to improve their efficiency and productivity. This includes-

-Field sales team

-Sales Team working remotely 

-Sales companies working through dealers and distributors.  

Frequently asked questions:

1. Will  Sales Automation benefit me?

Yes, definitely. As its name suggests, it’s a web or mobile-based service that helps you to automate your workflow. If you are engaging your sales team in a whole lot of administrative work or data entry, then obviously they will not be able to focus on their main job i.e. sales. Sales Automation makes it easy for your managers, executives and sales representatives to manage their workflow, generate more leads and ultimately gain more profit. May it is a small work like phone calls or emails or an important task like identifying potential customers or marketing, this software will perform all essential activities for you. 

2. What are the activities I can perform by using Sales Automation?

You can track your sales representatives.

You can manage your tasks and products.

You can manage calls and also record calls.

You can maintain a database for customers.

You can prepare the product catalog and inventories.

You can manage your expenses.

You can analyze the target and achievements of your sales team.

You can manage your administrative work.

You can manage your invoice, leads, and transactions.

3. Can I know the whereabouts of my sales representatives?

Yes. It provides the feature of GPS tracking which will enable you to locate your sales execute and know about the places he is visiting for marketing.

4. How does Sales Automation help in team management?

It is well equipped with tools for day to day attendance and reporting of employees. Also, as a chat messenger for prompt coordination as well as a call manager.