Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

What is the product?

Where do the business owners store their goods? They store it in the warehouses. Warehouses are buildings that are mostly located on the outskirt of a commercial area. The space inside the building is open and the goods are stored there. Warehouses are especially used by the people who are in export and import business. 

Why is it?

Warehouses are being used for a long time now. It is important because a place is needed to store the goods. The quantity is so large that it is not possible to store it anywhere else. Warehouses, on the other hand, are designed for easy storage. Therefore warehouses are essential and important.

What are the features?

Why don’t the business owners place the goods just anywhere and look for specific warehouses? Ever wondered? This is because warehouses have features that a normal place to store goods cannot provide. The basic facility that all the warehouses have is that they have loading docks so the goods can be easily unloaded and loaded when required. This also quickens the process as the manual process can be time taking. If the good is heavy than the manual process may even fail. Some warehouses are designed in a way that the good can be loaded or unloaded directly from the place that they are being transported from like railway stations, airports, and seaports. To move goods inside the warehouse so that they can be placed categorically or in an organized way, warehouses also have cranes or forklifts. Any type of good can be stored in a warehouse as warehouses are divided into categories. Say if the product is agricultural then special warehouses are designed with cool storage. The temperature can be changed according to the requirement of the item. This feature of the warehouses keeps the insects away from the item and keeps it in good condition. 

Thus the features of the warehouses vary according to their categories. A warehouse meant to store timber uses cantilever racking arms instead of pallet racking that includes drive-in, drive-thru, push back and gravity flow.

Online marketing websites that deal with all kinds of products like Flipkart use the feature of piece-pick operation which helps to put one item from one carton to another. It does not matter if the item is big or small or delicate. It is highly efficient. 

Some warehouses are entirely automatic. The need for operators only arises for handling the tasks and to make sure that the working is smooth. 

How will it work?

The automatic warehouses are controlled through software that coordinates the logic control program of the machines and the running computer. The software is called logistic operation software. A warehouse cannot work properly unless the facilities are chosen accordingly. The dimensions of the rack should be as per the size of the product. You can choose from several warehouses types to make it work for your needs. The types of warehouses include retail warehouses (for storing final products), Cool warehouses (for cold storage), overseas warehouses (for trade-in overseas), packing warehouses (for checking the packaging and labeling of the goods), railway warehouses (to store items close to transport medium) and canal warehouses (for transshipment). 

Who can use it?

One can either buy or pay the rent for a warehouse. The amount varies based on the location and the facilities provided. Keeping anything illegal in a warehouse is highly forbidden. A report of what is being stored in the warehouse requires to be submitted and one needs to acquire the permission even if the warehouse is owned and not rented. It is in most cases used by businessmen. The product can be raw or final; there is no condition in that. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1.  Do you provide warehouse softwares?

– Yes, we do. 

     2.  Where can we look for the software?

– You can check our website – http://theinfoz.com/new/ and choose the warehouse as per your needs. 

   3.  Why should I choose you?

At Infoz we give priority to our customers. You can call us whenever you require any kind of assistance. We are reliable. We can modify the software to suit your needs. 

   4.  How can I contact you?

– You can call on the contact number available on our website. You can also write to us at the provided email address. We will try to respond as soon as possible. 

   5.  What is a warehouse management system?

– A WMS or a Warehouse Management System is software that operates the intelligence of the machines that are used in a warehouse.

   6.  Why should I use a Warehouse Management System?

– The Warehouse Management system has many benefits. The most compelling one is that it minimizes your expenses on operations to a great extent and helps in optimization. 

   7. Why should you be trusted?

– You can look at the ‘About’ option to know all about us and our experience in this field. You can also check the review of the customers and decide. 

  8.  Where can I complain?

– You can give us feedback. Call us and register your complain or email us. We will reach out to you for help and solve the issue. Usually, we respond within 24 hours. We although, try our best to satisfy the needs of the customers.