Appointment Management System

Appointment Management System

  The appointment process for many organizations is not as simple as it seems. It’s an oftentimes burdensome task that can require significant time and staff resources to properly manage. It can also have a negative impact on overall operations and restrain an organization from running at its fullest potential.
  • Staff resources needed for managing appointments: Scheduling appointments and reservations in the traditional manner requires manpower, whether it’s the receptionist answering the phone, an administrator managing a paper appointment schedule, or a support staffer making reminder phone calls.
  • Decrease in Operating Costs: This manual management of appointments and reservations has the potential to drive up operating costs
  • Time needed for managing appointments: If you multiply the time needed for managing the number of daily appointments or reservations which can total in the hundreds or thousands for larger organizations and this quick task morphs into a time consuming dilemma for supervisors, managers and staff.
  • Limited hours of operation: Unless an organization is open and staffed 24 hours a day, there is a limited window for individuals to schedule their appointments and reservations.
  • Inconvenience to Customers: Not offering an online alternative to picking up the phone and calling in an appointment is an inconvenience to customers in today’s Internet connected society.

Benefits of our Appointment Management System

  • Low Cost$ Vs Traditional Scheduling: The price of using traditional scheduling can be very high. Expenses include paper appointment books, dedicated receptionists, and sales lost over preventable mistakes. These can add up very quickly.
  • Reduced No Shows: Online scheduling software sends automatic reminders to your clients through email and text messaging. These dramatically reduce missed appointments that cost your business money.
  • Accessibility: Online scheduling workstations can be accessed anywhere and at any time from Internet-connected devices. This includes laptops, smartphones and tablets.
  • Better Utilization of Staff Time: Since manual appointment work is eliminated , the staff will be free to do other work which leads to better utilization of their time.


Dashboard Management
  • It displays all information regarding booking such as This week booking, Total no. of booking, No. of Visits.
  • Today’s Enquiry, Tomorrow’s Booking, Today’s Booking.
  • We can book customers who have sent enquiry for our product or reject them if they are not interested.
  • If the customer is booked an email containing time and slot details will be sent to them.
  • We can also take feedback from the customer regarding the product.
  • Customer Management : It is used to manage customer information such as edit customer information if required or delete the customer or view their details
  • User Management: It is used to create and manage user information such as edit user information or delete the user or view their details.
  • Booking Management: It is used to manage booking information such as edit date and slot of a particular customer if required.We can also view the feedback of a particular customer.
  • Assign Management: It is used to assign users to a particular slot and manage their information.
  • Calendar Management: It is used to display customer booking information based on the city selected in the calendar view.
  • City Management:It is used to create and manage city information such as edit city information or delete  the city or view their details.
  • Slot Management: It is used to create and manage slot information such as edit slot information or delete the slot or view their details.
  • Report Management: It will generate reports based on the information provided such as date, name etc.