Taxi Booking Application ( OLA/UBER Clone )

Taxi Booking Application ( OLA/UBER Clone )

What is the product?

Taxi service has become a trend nowadays. An individual who does not know how to drive but has to travel to another place has only one option that is a taxi. And there are many taxi services app which provide pick and drop services. Infoz software solution is the company that provides the app development services to the client. As everyone prefers to do everything on their smartphones so we provide with the application of such services like uber, ola.  If anyone wishes to start a taxi service, they can directly approach us and we will help them with all the processing related to the service.

Infoz software solution provides applications for android phones, IOS phones, and native applications. We offer certified app development software which gives you a responsive, customized and on-demand app development solution according to the client’s requirement.

Why it is used?

In today’s era, everyone wants readymade things. So, it is the same for the application for particular services. That’s why the client comes with the requirement of the services and we provide them the various application. We provide a responsive and customized application for various services like taxi, school management, accounting, payroll, job portal, energy monitoring, sales automation, etc.

Infoz software solution the platform where you will get all the applications according to your needs. We also provide various features of the services that will be covered in the next section.

What are the features?

Infoz software services provide a smarter way to make a taxi service app like uber or ola. For advanced travellers we have the modern application with various features as below:

  • Book a ride: This feature allows you to book a ride for yourself as well as for the third party. You just have to select the pick-up point and the destination; the app will show you the nearby cabs available which direct your location directly to the cab driver and you will receive all the details about the driver in the app.
  • Payment –mode: While booking a cab the feature will ask you the payment mode. It is your choice to pay by a card or by cash.
  • Vehicle selection: This app will also provide the choice to choose the vehicle as you wish. There are different vehicles available for the rides from where you can pick up the one on which you want to ride.
  • Multiple language modes: This feature provides the user to use multiple languages in the app like English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, and many more. User can choose any of the languages as per his/her preference or understanding.
  • Review and rating feature: For every ride, the user is asked the feedback about the ride and the cab driver. Here you can give feedback and also have to rate for the service provided to you. You can give the rating on a scale of 1 to 5 and also can further extend your review in the review box.
  • Discounts and avail offer: The passengers also get various offers on the ride as per their service. They get the promo code with the help of which they have to pay fewer amounts on the ride.
  • History records of the passenger: Another feature is where the user can review their previous rides on the profile panel. This helps you to know all the previous trips with the cab services.
  • Contact the support: This feature is introduced with the intention that if any passenger is facing any difficulty or problem during the ride so he/she can directly contact the support person to the hub which will help the passenger to solve the issue.
  • Refer a friend: Users can also invite their friends, and family to use this app. By referring to the friend you can earn the referral point which can be used during the trip. You just have to refer a friend through your unique code, as soon as your friend install the app using your referral code you will be provided the points in your taxi app profile or account.

How does it work?

Sign up/registration: The user has to register him/her if he/she is the first-time user of the app. He/she has to fill all the essential details that are asked and create the profile for the app. The user will require the id and the password for the login or sign-in process.

Sign in/login: Here the user needs to login after sign up is done in the app. After doing login the main portal will open the app where the user can avail of all the services provided by the app.

Search for the ride: The user will search the ride by choosing the pickup and the destination. After entering the pickup and destination point, the app will search the nearby cab available.

The driver gets the notification: After choosing the ride and sending the request, the notification is sent to the driver and he accepts the request and then the driver reaches the pickup point.

The ride starts: The ride is started successfully after the driver reaches the pickup point and the driver will take you to and then the driver reaches the pickup point.

The ride starts: The ride is started successfully after the driver reaches the pickup point and the driver will take you to your entered destination.

Successful ride: After reaching the destination the ride has been done successfully and the feedback is given for the ride and the service provided.

Who can use it?

The product is used by anyone who wants to travel from one place to another. The user can be anyone from the shopkeeper to the businessman, from teacher to student, from working person to the non-working person. Anyone who wants his/her rides to be relaxing and tension free can use the taxi services. Nowadays everyone prefers taxi services as it provides a safe and secure ride. Especially the working people prefer the tax service because of their uneven shifts as these taxi services are available 24*7.

The FAQ (frequently asked question)

1. How much will it cost to make a taxi app similar to Uber or Ola?

We provide you with the app which looks exactly similar to the taxi services like Uber or ola but the cost depends upon the features or the services you want us to add on in the applications.

2. We will get the app exactly according to the demo app?

Yes, you will exactly get the application as per the demo with just a little bit of modification to make it different looking and be more effective.

3. What are the unique features that Infoz provides in uber/ola similar app developed?

Infoz will provide some of the features which will make different from uber or ola just smart analytical system, tracking system, payments mode will be increased using different apps.

4. Will you provide the application source code/ clone script?

Yes, we provide the source code to the client as the app is ready to work. Because we give you all the rights to the clients to update or edit whatever he/she wants to do.

5. What are the technologies used to develop the taxi booking apps like Uber, Ola, grab, etc?

Infoz believes to provide the top-class services to the client so we used advanced and relevant technologies as per the different platforms. We use different languages to build up the android app and use another technology for IOS phones.

6. Do you provide a customized tax booking app solution?

Yes, we offer customized taxi application which looks similar to the demo app with a few changes as per the client’s desire and also adds some advanced features.