Agriculture Automation

Agriculture Automation

What is the Agriculture Automation?

Approximately 7.3 billion is the number of population on earth and according to UN projection, the population will grow even more approximately will reach 9.2 billion. To feed this extended population, food production needs to widen up by approximately 70%. With the increase in population, the quality and the quantity is also changing. People now prefer organic and sustainably produced goods. Therefore to meet this changed demands smart farming or automation in agriculture is very much required.

Automation basically means the technology by which work is performed with minimal human assistance. The work of the human is replaced by robots or gadgets. Automation has proved to be very useful. It has reduced the price for the consumer also the cost of hiring the labour i.e. efficiency is attained.

Why it is?

The traditional method of Agricultural results in wastage of seeds and unevenness in spraying of pesticides is also evident. This, in turn, results in soil degradation and deterioration of the health of people.

It is found that after adopting automation in agriculture the yield and the efficiency of agriculture have increased. This was the main motive for incorporating automation. In modern farming, farmers will be seen making the gadgets work or utilising their time by working on the technology rather than performing heavy labourers activities. In this way farmers can check the quality and the health of the seeds on a regular basis, spending only a few fractions of seconds. The quality of land can also be checked before plantation, which would ensure sure production of crops.

What are the features?

Every industry is in adopting automation and Agriculture is not an exception. An agricultural robot-like AgBots is seen doing the fieldwork like planting, watering and even harvesting and sorting. This adoption of automation will increase the quality and quantity of production with less manpower.

For any kind of firm, its tractor is the heart, and with the autonomous driving facilities tractors are believed to be the equipment that is to be replaced first. But this doesn’t imply that human will not be needed in this activity. Because labourers will still be required for continuous repair and maintenance. 

But it is predicted that with the passage of time, these tractors will become more efficient, capable and self-sufficient. As many functions like GPS for navigation, additional cameras for observation are being incorporated continuously.

With the introduction of the seeding machine, a large acre of land could we could easily be covered. Now seeds can be planted easily with the correct depth and equal spacing, which helps plants to grow optimally. The moisture, level of a nutrient, density and other quality of seeds are also checked before seeding. In this manner, the sprouts can grow fully and the whole crop will give a good harvest.

Automation will help to achieve this entire work with one labour operating the machines.

Irrigation and watering are considered to be one of the most important works in agricultural activity, this work is done by subsurface drip irrigation. This method helps farmers to check how much water their plants receive. With the developed software, this system becomes automatic, i.e. it checks the moisture level and health of the crop. Until and unless the sensor points to any disturbance, farmers need not intervene.

Weeding and pest control is another field of work that is needed to be monitored carefully. With the introduction of artificial intelligence in machines, manually wedding will be completely replaced. For example, now pesticides could easily be sprayed using helicopters.

Therefore technology in agriculture is very much needed known as e-agriculture.

How will it work?

This model helps in irrigation management and fertilization management. It also has P.H. controlling technology, which helps to manage the number of pesticides to be used in plantation. It can also control the humidity. This model also has an online dosing system with touch screen display. 

This is considered to be user-friendly and it is easy to install. Even guidance for fertilizer doses is also provided.

This system helps the farmer to grow a large amount of harvest without compromising on the quality. The system also measures the exact amount of irrigation and fertilizers to be used which is beneficial for crops, as per their soil and water.

So we can say these products save time and resources, and also helps to access from anywhere without any disruption.

Who can use it?

As mentioned earlier this system can be used with minimum knowledge. Therefore each and every farmer can use this technology and increase their production, work efficiently with least cost.

In modern agriculture, smart farm agricultures are required. Vocational training is also provided to those who can’t work with these technologies. Therefore acquiring knowledge on this is very necessary. Government is also working on this matter by educating people.


  1. What is the process of testing soil?

The technology used in INFOZ Software Solution is very efficient. The health of soil could easily be tested with these machines, which helps to decide whether the soil is moist, dry or what type of treatment is needed for this. This process has increased agricultural activities.

  1. How to choose the correct amount of pesticides to use?

Using pesticides more than limit damages the plantation, so the introduction of IT helps to limit the usage of pesticides and insecticides sprayed on the crops.

  1. Does it help in weather forecasting?

Yes, it helps to find the change in climate which again help in improving the quality by changing the treatment accordingly. 

  1. What is the advantage of having GPS in agricultural activity?

GPS is a global positioning system, which helps in Geo-fencing, Mapmaking and surveying about the quality of the land. 

  1. Does it have the function of remote sensing?

Yes, it has this function of remote sensing. So that farmers could know about smog, weather, ozone layer depletion etc. Through building a direct connection with satellite.

  1. Does Infoz provide e-commerce?

Yes. The feature of online ordering of agricultural inputs, agricultural equipment and other stuff is available.

  1. What are the features of drones?

Drones help to collect data on agriculture, atmosphere, soil, etc.

  1. Are genetically produced crops helpful?

Genetically produced crops are very helpful. They help to reduce pests and diseases, which helps farmers to have a good yield. Also, this type of crops grow very fast and produce healthy yields. Farmers can cut on cost by using this, as they will have to spend less on pesticides.