Web Application Development

What is Web Development?

Web Development is generally the work that involves creating or designing a website for the internet (World Wide Web) or the intranet (a private network). Web Development can range from just creating a single page with a plain and simple text or complex web-based internet applications, social network applications, and electronic business applications. Web Development can also be known as Website Development.

The list of tasks in Web development usually involves web engineering, web design, web content writing, web server, network security configuration, client liaison, client-side server scripting and e-commerce development.

Web Development involves coding and programming which enables the website to function according to the owner’s requirements. It generally deals with the non-design aspects of building the websites which usually include coding and writing markup.

What web development mainly needs is




Anyone who wants to become a Web Developer needs to have good knowledge about HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT. These are all computer languages. When the person becomes a master in HTML and CSS he needs to learn to use Maps, Fonts and Icons in HTML. On the JAVASCRIPT side, one needs to learn how to access the HTML DOM.one should also learn AJAX and JASON for making server requests.

Then the web developer needs to look at the framework required to develop a Website. Regarding the CSS side, he needs to choose a framework for Responsive Web Design like

Bootstrap/Material Design/W3.CSS

Regarding the JAVASCRIPT side one should learn atleast one modern frame work

React.js/ Angular.js/ Vue.js/ W3.js

The Web Development services help our own company to increase product knowledge and to increase and maintain good communication of the company with the clients. It helps the company to sell its products and services, it generates leads for the business and it increases the popularity of the company worldwide. There are innumerable websites on the web today.

The web apps are developed with the help of programming languages as mentioned earlier like HTML and CSS which every IT professional will know. A single web app is reachable to all sorts of devices. It is usually programmed to run on all devices.

Every person who knows how to use the internet will definitely be surfing the net for information, to buy or sell products and for leisure. With the help of web development, the whole world has become closer in which new technologies are growing very fast each and every day.

Any IT professional will be well versed in HTML and CSS which helps them develop websites very easily. A person who develops a website is a Web Developer. There is a difference between a Web developer and Web designer.

A Web developer is generally responsible for using various components like the engine, transmission, wheels and others to create a fully functional website.

The Web designer is usually responsible for the aesthetic side of the website. Like how it looks, the colours, the designs etc.

In today’s world where everything revolves around the internet there is a great demand for Web Developers with a good amount of salary. There are so many online courses available on the net for those who want to learn web development.


In today’s world where everything revolves around the internet, it is very important for Web Development. Web development helps to improve the connectivity between the owner and the clients and customers. The websites will help the owner to expand and reach out and attract more visitors to the company’s website. When the company has a website its online presence strategy helps to market the business of the company online.

Web development services help the company to increase product knowledge and to maintain communication with its clients and customers. It helps the company to sell its products and services online which helps to increase the popularity of the company.

In web development the web apps are developed with programming languages like HTML and CSS which all IT professionals are familiar with. The web apps are unlike the native apps were a single app is reachable in various devices and the app is programmed to run on all operating systems.

First of all, I need to specify that a web app is a web application i.e., an app that runs on a web browser.it consists of creating a sort of direct link between you’re your device’s desktop and a URL. That means you should be able to open in any browser your desired website. Any famous and well-known company should have a good quality corporate website, this will help in developing an application later on. Different kinds of websites have different purposes depending on each one’s needs. Some websites are specially developed to market and sell their products. Some websites are created to provide practical information and some merely for entertainment.

The purpose of informative websites is to provide practical and useful information to the user so that the user learns something new and that he understands what he needed to know from the site.

The purpose of entertaining websites is to showcase entertainment to users. There are online magazines, gossip websites, news about celebrities, sports coverage, movies, arts, humor websites and so many more. These websites need to be constantly updated because the users keep coming back for the latest information.

The purpose of e-commerce websites is to market and sell the company’s products. These websites should be developed in such a way that the users should be convinced to buy the products and come back for more. The website should be developed very attractively and users should be able to buy and check out easily without any hassles. That is only a successful e-commerce website.

The purpose of service-based websites is to convince the users that they should become customers of the company.

There are both advantages and disadvantages of web app development.

Web apps are developed with programming languages such as HTML and CSS which all IT professionals are well versed. These apps run on the device’s web browser through a simple URL. These apps can be used on all devices as they can be operated on all operating systems. Webb app development takes less time and comes at a lower cost. The negative aspects are that one must have an internet connection to run the app. The app must be constantly updated a d made user-friendly for users to keep coming back, if the website undergoes any issues the application will be in trouble, it will not always run perfectly. Sometimes the URL takes time to load at that time the website will be in trouble.

But on the whole, we need web development with good web developers because the whole world revolves around the internet and websites to help users according to their tastes and their users from anywhere around the world with just a device and an internet connection.



A Web Application is a computer program which uses web browsers to perform the similar task which users generally do in android/IOS application. For example, you can use WhatsApp in google chrome and chat via your laptop as well.


Thousands of businessmen both big ones and small ones use the internet which is cost-effective as communication channels. The internet helps them make fast and secure transactions and helps them exchange information at a very quick speed.

Web Application uses a combination of server-side scripts (PHP and ASP) which help to handle the storage and retrieve the information, and client-side scripts (JAVA SCRIPTS and HTML) to present information to the users. This helps the users to have an interaction with the company using online forms content management systems, shopping carts and a lot more. The application also helps the company employees to create documents, share information, to collaborate on projects and to work on common documents anywhere and everywhere.


Web Apps are generally coded in a browser-supported coded language like HTML and JavaScript because these languages rely on browsers to deliver the executable program. Some applications are dynamic which require server-side processing while others are static which does not require processing at the server.

This is how a web app flow works. First, the user starts a request to the web server over the internet either through the applications user interface or a web browser. Then the webserver forwards this to the correct application server. Then the web application starts performing the requested task such as processing the data or querying the database then it generates the result of the data that was requested. Then the web application server forwards the result to the webserver with the requested processed data and the information. After which the web server replies to the client with their requested information that appears on the user’s display. Now you will have an understanding of how the web app works.


Web Applications generally include word processors, shopping carts, spreadsheets, online forms, file conversion, file scanning, photo, and video editing and email programs like Yahoo, Gmail, and AOL. And the most used and popular applications are Microsoft 365 and Google Apps.

The Google apps work for Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slide, Gmail, online storage and many more.


Now let us talk about the benefits of web apps. All the users access the same version eliminating any compatibility issues. The apps are not installed on a hard device which helps in eliminating space limitation issues. The apps reduce the cost for the company and the end-users because there are less support and maintenance required by the company and lesser requirements for the end-users device. The Web Applications run on multiple platforms regardless of the operating system or device as long as it has a compatible browser.

I can finally conclude that because of the increased usage of the internet among companies and individuals it has influenced how the business is run. This has to lead to the widespread usage of Web Application as the company’s shift from the traditional models to grid models and cloud-based models. The web apps give the businesses the capacity to streamline their operations, reduce costs and to increase their efficiency. Almost nothing in today’s world works without a Web App.