Solution Architecture

Responsibilities –

  1.  Design and implement solutions.
  2.  Creating a solution prototype of a technical problem.
  3.  Analyzing enterprise specifics.
  4.  Supporting project management.
  5.  Make decisions, provide suggestions and advice about suitable technologies for various projects and solutions.
  6.  Analyzing requirements.
  7.  Solution development control.
  8.  Actively listens to clients’ problems and make solutions.
  9.  Project management support.
  10.  Comprehend business schemes, strategies and requirements.
  11.  Participating in technology selection.
  12.  Collaborate with managers and other staff members to develop resources and timeline for solutions.


  1.  The solution architect for complex management projects.
  2.  Consultant in information, business analysis and service delivery.
  3.  Solution architect in problem solutions.


  1.  A Solution Architect must have a technical background with at least 3+ years of work experience.
  2.  Bachelor’s as well as Master’s degree in Information Technology, computer science, software engineering, or related field.
  3.  Strong experience in Software Architecture.
  4.  Know about Software Lifecycle.
  5.  Must have experience in IT infrastructure and cloud development.
  6.  Business analysis.
  7.  Willingness to lead as well as work as a part of a team.
  8.  Experience with the database management system.
  9.  Has best practice in proper system security.
  10.  Must have experience in different software with related field.

Personal attributes and skills-

  1.  Deep analytical skills.
  2.  Project, Resource and Product management skills.
  3.  Excellent communication skills to explain technical topics easily.
  4.  Have skills in project and management resource.
  5.  Work collaboratively.
  6.  Problem-solving skills.
  7.  Manages schedules.

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