Mobile App Development

Mobile Application is the fastest way to browse internet content on the move. We are the magicians with the capability of turning your ideas and imaginations into charming Mobile Apps. We make you able to keep technologies in your pockets. There are numerous applications, you just name them and we create it for you. We develop all sorts of mobile applications with quite an ease and finesse that is really impressive.

Infoz Software Solutions has established a reputation for giving it's best performance and effort in achieving the client's goal. Our proficient mobile application developers have In-depth knowledge on various frameworks and platforms for developing mobile application

We provide customized mobile application development services across all the platforms like iOS, Android, Windows etc.

E-Commerce Website Development

Convert more visitors into customers! Our ecommerce professionals will turn your ecommerce website into your most effective online selling tool. A professional eCommerce web development is one of the most critical elements to your online success. The look of your eCommerce website should not just “wow” your customers – it should also be responsive, well-organized and easy to navigate.

Developing an effective ecommerce website can be a challenging and complex process. Fortunately, we are experts in developing world-class ecommerce websites, and we will expertly guide you through the maze of “must haves” which include:
1) A professional and user-friendly design
2) A fast-loading product catalogue
3) Comprehensive search/filter options
4) Quick-preview capabilities
5) Clear terms and conditions
6) Easy access to shopping cart, checkout, shipping, and refund information
7) Robust data security to protect your customers’ information

We’ve got several ways to help design your store, no matter your budget.Our eCommerce Web Solutions provides you with dynamic functionality, easy and smooth transactions with secure shopping experience to your valuable customers. s

ERP /CRM Development

ERP Development

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are complex software packages that combine both internal and external management of information of an entire organization. A collaborative platform where different users from Production, Accounts, HR, Purchase & Inventory can interconnect for a smooth flow of work and information related to various business processes. An Enterprise system enables you to monitor and manage all your applications using one system. This helps you in integrating and managing all business functions of a company and in bridging the connection with the outside world. ERP systems can be used across a vast variety of computer hardware and network configurations. It uses a database to store all the information, in the repository.
Infoz Software Solutions is an expert in developing custom ERP which is a smart way of integrating functions across various departments of your organization through an effective application that helps in automation of processes. Enterprise Solution Steps:
a) Analyze business process
b) Identify key challenges
c) Work out best possible solutions
d) Framework setup
e) Custom development and desgin
f) Testing and feedback from customer
g) Deploy solution into real environment
h) Best support

CRM Development

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a model for managing and monitoring an organization’s interactions between all their customers. It uses technological tools to organize and synchronize the company’s sales, marketing, customer service, technical support, and the like. CRM systems make information highly accessibly to remote sales staff as they are implemented with mobile capabilities.Maximizing the effect of sales and increasing the productivity of sales is a incentive and motivation behind the adoption of CRM development, today.
With Infoz Software Solutions's customized CRM Solution, you will have following development Benefits :
a) Cost effective ERP and CRM Solutions.
b) Web based CRM development.
c) Saves time and expenses in implementing innumerable business processes.
d) Management can make faster decisions and fewer mistakes.
e) Information is clear and visible across the company.
f) Eliminates the need to synchronize changes between multiple systems.
g) Improves the quality and efficiency of any company.
h) Results in better outputs.
i) Makes your company more agile and increases adaptability to change.

Custom Web Design & Development

Whether you're looking for a fresh design for your current website or need a user friendly way to manage your website's content , Infoz Software Solutions has a wide array of services that can give your website a competitive edge.

A customized design/theme will make your business stand out above the rest.We have highly talented website designers, Search Engine Optimization consultants, innovative graphic designers, online marketing consultants and highly experienced business consultants to ensure that all website designing projects undertaken are put on the world address. We offer following web designing services :

Custom Interface Design

Logo Design

Design Integration

Banner creation

Website Development

Infoz Software Solutions provides customized website development services with a focus on mutual, client driven web development and website solutions.

Infoz Software Solution website development team can tailor any customized shopping cart, Email, News and web site software solutions, we can quickly make live any E-Commerce website development project , integrated with any credit card processing company of your choice for trading within a few days.

Search Engine Optimisation & Web Marketing

Now that you have a new web site, it is time to show it off to the world. While a professionally designed web site will help businesses get noticed, it's not enough to stand out in the crowd. With ninety-two percent of the online population visiting a search engine, portal or community site every month, it is essential for businesses to have a web marketing plan in place.

Infoz Software Solutions uses ethical techniques to improve search engine positioning. We combine solid search engine optimization techniques with correct submissions to the major search engines in order to help our clients achieve their search engine placement goals. Because the needs and goals of each business and organization differ and because no two web sites are exactly alike, we develop a customized promotion program for each client. We follow our initial promotion strategies with a thorough, continuing position maintenance program.

A highly detailed SEO will drive more qualified traffic to your web site - leading to an increase in sales leads and higher brand awareness to maximize your marketing dollars.

Meta tags addition

Effective titles

Homepage optimization

Theme based pages

Manual submissions to Search Engine

Automated software submission

Directory submission services

Monthly submission

Fine tuning of optimized page

Monthly submission report

Monthly search engine position report

Hosting Services & Management

Infoz Software Solutions provides hosting package for our clients through a special partner . We offer Shared Web Hosting, Managed Hosting and Dedicated Web Hosting. If your business considers security, scalability and stability as top priorities, Infoz Software Solutions would provide you our best solutions for Hosting.

Infoz Software Solutions's Shared, Managed and Dedicated Web hosting arrangements provide companies with exclusive system resources for optimal performance, superior data protection and scalable e-business environments.

At Infoz Software Solutions's Hosting provides powerful, cost-effective, and reliable solutions that cater specifically to the needs of small and medium enterprise. Our detailed packages enable companies and consumers to take advantage of high functionality, superior reliability and high bandwidth connections.

Quick Launch Customized CMS Installation

Infoz Software Solutions offers professional installation services for

Infoz Products





Magento E-Commerce

We have specialized developers who install any of above product on your server in a quick and efficient manner. You can start all configuration for your store within a day. You just need to send us your hosting account detail.


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