Sales Manager

The Role:

Infoz is looking for hiring a high performing professional Sales Manager to help Infoz meet our client’s acquisition and generate high revenue growth targets by keeping our company innovative and competitive. The applicant is self-motivated, well-organized individual who has a great understanding of prospecting and developing a strong sales network.

Job Responsibility:

  1.  Full understanding of sales, business objectives and marketing strategy, to win clients a strategy and clients activation strategy.
  2.  Ability to identify new clients, approaching these new clients independently and acquire them using client acquisition strategy within the chosen market segment.
  3.  Grow your client externally and internally by identifying other areas.
  4.  Ability to implement all strategy for new and old clients.
  5.  Can work with distributors to ensure sales payments and delivery are made on time.
  6.  Contact new distributors and system integrators who can achieve a greater reach for the infinite uptime product and technology.
  7.  Prepare sales presentations and more basic detailed presentations of technical languages to clients.
  8.  Achieve the set goals or targets for sales.
  9.  Ensuring client satisfaction and deployed and success which can be monitored and tracked.
  10.  Provide frequent progress reports both written and casually.
  11.  Who is having a strong sales network, contacts in companies?
  12.  Individually fixed appointment with the concerned person in company sales points, prepare product presentation.
  13.  Monthly market surveys to gather feedback on the product.
  14.  Has knowledge of MIS system.

Skills & Experience:

  1.  Master’s degree (preferably MBA,) or equivalent experience in Business
  2.  4-8 years’ of sales experience.
  3.  Should have excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  4.  Great sales presentation skills
  5.  Great convincing skills and sound knowledge of technology and digital marketing.
  6.  Target oriented and self- motivated approach.
  7.  Excellent analytical skills to understand trending in the market
  8.  Self-motivated, self-directed, energetic, detail-oriented and apply target-oriented approach.
  9.  Proficiency in Microsoft Office, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, statistical analysis software and Outlook

Job Type: Full Time

Salary Package: Best in industry

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