Marketing Manager


  1.  Develop schemes, strategies and campaigns for a company.
  2.  Organize successful marketing campaigns and own their implementation from the idea about that.
  3.  Research with a variety of acquisition channels like content creation, publicity, social media, content curation, pay per click campaigns, lead generation campaigns, copywriting.
  4.  Produce appealing content for a website, social media platform, a blog that attracts the target groups.
  5.  Can build tactical relationships and make business with key industry players, agencies and retailers
  6.  Prepare, manage and monitor marketing budgets wisely.
  7.  Managing and developing advertisement campaigns for a company.
  8.  Handling content marketing and marketing budgets.
  9.  Communicating the marketing plan with team members.
  10.  Managing campaigns.


  1.  Manage receipts, escalation and handling of all sales reviews.
  2.  Play an important role to direct work for sales and managing assistant.
  3.  Produce appropriate marketing schemes and strategies.
  4.  Manage and organize all marketing enquiries and campaigns.
  5.  To monitor the company’s marketing.


  1.  Must have required degree and education in Market Managing.
  2.  Must have experience in marketing managing.
  3.  Experience in identifying target audiences and in creatively planning and leading across marketing campaigns that engage, educate and motivate.
  4.  Sound knowledge of website analytics tools e.g. Google.
  5.  Experience in planning and customizing the Google AdWords campaign for market managing.
  6.  Numerically literate, experience working with numbers, metrics and processing figures with spreadsheets.
  7.  A sense of communication.
  8.  In touch with the latest trends and practices in online marketing and measurement.
  9.  Ability to quickly adapt to changes.
  10.  Experience in online marketing strategy, schemes, campaign and plan.

Required Skills-

  1.  Understanding of traditional and developing marketing channels.
  2.  Excellent interpersonal communication skills.
  3.  Ability to think creatively and innovatively.
  4.  Analytical skills.
  5.  Knowledge with the latest trends, technologies and tools.

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