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What is Accounting Software?

For every organization, a clear business strategy for sales is a prerequisite to monitor development and to achieve the objective of every company. The most important for the functioning of any organization is accountability. Our company Infoz software solution believes in high standards and providing our clients the best. So are company Infoz Software Solution is providing accounting solutions for the very first time in the market. As we all are aware that accounting solution is a must for any organization to run smoothly and properly, so our company is providing software for all our clients to maintain their accounts and funds most handily and appropriately. 

Why do we need Accounting Software?

This accounting software is made to handle even the most sophisticated jobs with ease. The main feature of this accounting software is that it can store a very large number of data records in very less storage space and the computational speed required is also less as compared to other software. Software is design according to the Indian standards and also include machine learning as well as it is capable of analysis of data itself, based on artificial intelligence algorithms.  

Now talking about the features of this software:

  1. Accounting and managing data with ease- gone are the days when accounting was done on large record files which were a very tedious task to handle, and the chances of data loss were very high. This software is developed in such a platform that enables the clients to maintain every record with very high precision.
  2. Computational speed – the speed at which data is stored in the system is very high. This is achieved by software which breaks every file in small chunks which reduces the overall load on the CPU. example if the data is to be found the same chunks of data are arranged in proper order at which they were segregated and the output is given to the user in a fraction of seconds.
  3. Accuracy – unlike other competitors, the Core Team of our company has worked very hard to attain such algorithms that store the data with high accuracy and also gives output it in the same manner.
  4. Privacy- one of the unique features developed by our Core team is that the data stored is highly secured and barely any stranger can penetrate the data network and steal the data. The data inside the software is highly secured and is encrypted with the latest security encryption.
  5. User interface- the accounting software is developed in such an order that even a small toddler can use the software with ease. These features enable even the basic members of the company to and the software within a very short frame of time.
  6. Hardware compatibility- what software is developed in such a manner that even any device with low capabilities can also run the software. The software is compatible with Windows, Linux, IOS, and Android as well.

Now coming to the question of how this software will work –

The accounting system developed by our company task such as invoice generation, managing companies’ record, purchase order generation, income management as well as expense management, sends the invoice directly to customers over email and all other accounting works. There is a lot of accounting software available but a business client needs to think which one meets his requirement. This software comes with a unique payment reminder feature, useful for all other employees out there. The data is stored in a Systematic and piecewise manner to which the computational speed of the software is very high and the same data is recovered within no time.

Now coming to the question who all in a company can access this software: All the members who are managing team can use this software with ease, even this software is very useful for Chartered Accountants, fund managers and even the head of the company who needs to payments to their employees and manage other fund related problems.

FAQs – 

1. How many programming languages are used in the software?

Ans. The software uses multiple programming languages such as JavaScript, python, c++ as well as Ruby. The data management is done by c++ in the form of stack analysis is done by machine learning which is most commonly coded in python.

2. What are the security features of this software?

Ans. The software is encrypted with as well as a 128-bit security path, which is highly secured and no one can access the data without permissions that is the data phishing and data theft cannot be done on this software.

3. What are the predefined libraries available inside the software?

ans. The software comes with GST enabled invoicing and billing libraries, income and expense management libraries. This software also comes with an inbuilt library of payment reminders.

4. How is the software different from its competitors?

Ans. The software comes with an inbuilt feature of data security as well as anti-phishing features that protect the data from external theft. Unlike much other software, this software is compatible with every platform such as Android, Windows, IOS, and Linux. The software is also created keeping in mind that the software must be compatible with low hardware stations in any of the devices.

4. Which organization can use the software?

Ans. Any organization small or big can use this software with ease. The software is such a manner that it can handle a large amount of data with high accuracy. This can be used in a small company comprising of 10 to 15 peoples as well as government stations where millions and millions of data is to be stored.