API Integration

What is API Integration?

API stands for Application Programming Interface; it is an online programming interface of any organization. API allows apps to communicate with backend systems. API integration is a messenger that processes requests and ensures the functioning of the enterprise system. It enables the interaction between the device, data, and applications like FB, Twitter, and Google, etc. it gives data and facilitates connectivity between devices and programs.

API enhances connectivity and functioning of code and applications. API also creates an interface for a company to sell its products and services online.

Many applications like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Zomato, Trello, Twilio, PayPal, Payment gateway and Swiggy, etc. use API in their services online.  

API integration on Facebook:

Facebook use API and SDK for their services, API work and integrate their products faster using SDKs (Software Development Kits) for common programming languages and platforms.

Facebook developers use API in their various services like accessing various pages on FB, access the data of the User, Posts on pages, messenger groups, events on their platform and more. All these services are dealt with the Application Programming Interfaces.

API also used in marketing through Facebook, the marketing APIs offer code access to manage the user’s Facebook ad campaigns, custom audience, and reports through data access. Facebook developers use both API and SDK together making their services better.

API integration in Twitter:

Twitter also access data using Application Programming Interfaces. Twitter became better from first so far, for their betterment they are working with APIs. They made changes to how they access and manage the data of their developer products, this helped them to ensure their development platform open largely accessible. This also helped them to have more control and visibility over how the public data and the platform are used by the developers.

Twitter allows its developers to maintain the business over twitter to be more fair and reliable manner. They make sure that everyone who has involvement in business over twitter is benefitted by using it.

API integration in google:

We all are familiar with almost all the services of google like, google maps, google translate, and other services of google. In all these services development google use Application Programming Interfaces. API integration in google enables the ability to create analytics dashboards that allow the executives to integrate the data from various sources like Analytics data, paid search data and data from a few other software like CRM systems and accounting systems, etc.

All the Google services use APIs like Google AdWords API, Google Analytics API, Google Chart API, Google Checkout API, Google Webmaster Tools API, Google Maps API, and YouTube API, like this every single service of Google use APIs in their services.

API integration in Trello:

To those who do not know what Trello is, it is a web-based list-making application developed by Fog Creek Software in the year 2011.  

The Trello API is extremely powerful and delight to use. Compared to others Trello has a large and vibrant use of Application Programming Interfaces. While building an application with Trello for mobile or web means getting to know several models making up and concepts in Trello. Trello developers are working to get the user an API key and token, making a few requests and then to give an advanced look at some of the most popular API resources.

API integration in Twilio:

Twilio’s Application Programming Interface control its platform for communications. API connects and optimizes communicating networks around the world, by this the user is allowed to make a call anyone and can send messages to anyone in the world. Twilio using their API enables the user to send a text message, make a phone call, looking up phone numbers and manage your accounts and other services.

Many products and services of Twilio using its API are almost the same in functioning, that makes the user use any product of the Twilio simply and easily, this happens by the help of Twilio’s helper libraries for various coding languages.

API integration in PayPal:

PayPal uses API and also SDK depending upon the services. For the payment through Credit cards, PayPal and Venmo API and integrations are used.

API integration in PayPal makes the payments easy and secure trough online and mobile payments. The payment space contains resource collections for payments, refunds, sales, orders, captures, and authorizers. API enables payments through PayPal within a few clicks reliant on the country. One can immediately accept the payment and capture it for later. Complete details regarding payment, refunds, and authorizations are captured. You can see the details of payments, updates, and a list of all your payments so far and more information about your payments, these services by PayPal are being enabled by APIs and SDKs.

API integration in Payment Gateway:

Razorpay Payment Gateway’s API enables the easiest integration, online onboarding, feature-filled checkouts and advanced performance in online payments.

Many important services like IRCTC, Zomato, ZOHO, book my show, Grofers, airtel, and goibibo, etc. can be enabled to be paid through Razorpay Payment Gateway. API enables all the major payment plugins in Razorpay and language services in it.

API in Razorpay Payment Gateway makes payments easier on web and mobile phone. It avoids the complexity of payment validations, error handling and retries processes to the user. Razorpay Payment Gateway’ API user a few lines of JavaScript in coding to avoid long integration distresses.